SEO auditIs your website SEO ready?

Start now with a proper SEO audit and work with us to find out where your website still has potential for optimization.

The Remo Digital SEO Audit

Proper search engine optimization involves many factors beyond the creation of high-quality content.

This is where a comprehensive audit - both on content and technical level - can reveal issues on your website that have a negative impact on your raking. We offer a variety of audits to meet your needs and show you how to realize the full potential of your website.

Why an SEO audit makes sense

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The full potential

Reach the full potential of your website through an SEO audit.
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Discover all issues

Find out where and how you can optimize your website.
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Better rankings

Increase your search result positions and get higher visibility.
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More visitors

Get more organic visitors by optimizing based on the SEO audit.

Our SEO Audit Packages


CHF 249.-

We are doing a health check of your website and point out the URLs with critical errors. The following services are included:

  • SEO health check of a website of your choice
  • Detailed overview of the weak points incl. the affected URLs
  • General recommendations for action
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CHF 1'980.-

We provide a complete analysis of your website and show you all the optimization possibilities for your website.

  • All from SEO Audit Basic
  • Audit for maximum 10 pages

Website (on-page)

  • Meta data analysis
  • Content audit (internal)
  • Content structure
  • Duplicated content

Technical Analysis

  • SEO Basic Setup
  • Performance
  • Crawling and Indexing
  • Semantic Markup
  • Image and Link Attributes
  • Accessibility

Other services

  • Ranking analysis (current rank, search volume)
  • Identification of 5 SEO competitors
  • Detailed recommendations for action


CHF 4'920.-

We analyze your website as well as your competitive environment and show you all the possibilities, to optimize your website. The following services are included:

  • Everything of SEO-Audit Advanced
  • Audit for maximum 15 pages

Website (On-page)

  • Social Markup
  • Meta Data Strategy
  • Experience (UX)
  • internal linking

Technical Analysis

  • Structured Data
  • Website Architecture
  • URL structure
  • Redirects
  • Error Pages (404, 500 etc.)
  • Head Details
  • Localization (Hreflang)
  • Canonicals

Off-Site Analysis

  • Google My Business
  • Google Shopping
  • Backlinks
  • Social Signals

Other services

  • Topic analysis and search intention of your customers
  • Competitor analysis of the top 5 competitors
  • Content analysis (external)

Can it be a bit more?

Customized audits for your business and needs.

SEO Audit Enterprise

We provide an individual audit that is completely tailored to your needs.

  • No maximum number of sites to be audited.
  • Audits include individual services, depending on your needs.
  • In addition to the detailed recommendations for action, we develop an SEO and implementation strategy.
  • We will support you in the realization and implementation, depending on your needs.

Costs for a SEO audit Enterprise

On request

SEO analyses

In our SEO analyses, we look at various aspects of your website, whereby the level of detail varies depending on the package. A SEO audit is the basis for optimization activities to achieve better search rankings for your website.

Our audits include the technical, structural and content level of your website. The technical SEO analysis refers to the improvement of the technical aspects of a website. This mostly involves OnPage factors such as schematic markup, website performance or link and image attributes.

Content analysis also refers to OnPage factors of your website. For example, the title structure, the metadata or if there is duplicate content will be analyzed.

However, our audit also includes other factors. Among other things, we analyze possible SEO competitors, identify important keywords including search volume or examine the backlinks.

Depending on the package, we create detailed reports and recommendations for action and you receive a list with all URLs that should be improved.

What our happy customers say

Remo Digital helped us with the SEO audit to identify the weak points of our website, so that we could optimize it afterwards.

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